Denver man charged with human trafficking, pimping

A Denver man is accused of human trafficking, pimping and money laundering in new charges announced by the Denver District Attorney’s Office today.

William F. Galbreath, 37, is charged with human trafficking for sexual servitude, pimping, money laundering and violating a protection order, according to the district attorney’s office.

Galbreath pleaded guilty to pimping in 2020 and was sentenced to four years of supervised probation.

But starting in January, he allegedly “identified multiple vulnerable women, coerced them to engage in commercial sex with promises of large sums of money and created fake businesses to launder the proceeds of the commercial sex,” the district attorney’s office wrote in a news release.

An arrest warrant dated Sept. 6 details how Galbreath allegedly recruited women who were young, homeless or dealing with addiction and convinced them to engage in commercial sex work.

Galbreath allegedly promised “great riches” but only gave the women small amounts of money and helped them open bank accounts in their names while he kept all information needed to access the accounts, according to the arrest warrant.

Investigators also allege Galbreath posted sex work advertisements online, communicated with clients and accepted payments.

He also allegedly used an alias, Chris Sanders, to avoid being detected.

Anyone who might have been financially exploited by Galbreath can contact Investigator Joe DeAngelo at 720-913-9108.

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