Deaf mute boy, 3, mauled to death by pit bull and ‘couldn’t call for help’

A three-year-old deaf mute boy has been mauled to death by his neighbour's pit bull.

Tragic Luqmaan Jardien was unable to call for help to his deaf parents as the savage beast laid into him in Cape Town, South Africa.

Luqmann was alone when the neighbour's dog struck on Monday.

The animals reportedly dragged the lad into the garden and had its jaws clamped around his throat when his horrified uncle, Dawood Stuart, spotted the shocking scene unfolding and tried to save him.

Mr Stuart said: "I picked Luqmaan up from where he was lying. On my way into the house, the dog came for Luqmaan again; it was a struggle for me to get him into the house.”

"We just took it that the dog must’ve been provoked, was somehow provoked. There’s no other way the dog would bite him.

"The dog was fine on other days with him. He would play with the dog with me in the afternoons."

Local reports say the boy's family could not hear Luqmaan's cries because he could not speak.

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One onlooker said: "We didn't hear anything because he is mute like his parents. He couldn't shout for help."

The uncle scooped up the severely-injured boy and tried to get back inside the house, but the dog kept attacking him.

Relatives resorted to bashing the monster with the front door to unclamp its jaws from Luqmaan, reports The Sun.

According to a witness Luqmaan was "faintly breathing" at first before being pronounced dead at hospital.

Luqmaan's parents have been left devastated since the incident.

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