Dashcam horror in Hawkes Bay: He wasnt going to stop for anything

Two Hawke’s Bay residents sick of dangerous driver behaviour on their rural road set up a dashcam for the first time – and immediately captured the worst near-miss they’ve ever seen.

Taihape Rd couple Nigel and Janine were driving home from an outing about 2pm on Saturday when they were nearly sideswiped by a car that flew through a give-way sign at the road’s intersection with Ohiti Rd at “nearly 100 kilometres an hour”.

Their shocking footage shows the car speeding through a right-hand turn into an impossibly small gap between oncoming cars on the 100km/h stretch.

The footage shows Nigel braking hard and swerving to the left to avoid a collision as the car struggles to stay on the tight rural road.

“I watched him coming out of the corner of my eye and he would’ve been going more than 100 [km/h] as he approached the corner,” Nigel said.

“He wasn’t going to stop for anything.”

Nigel said he’d slightly delayed overtaking a slow car earlier on the road and dreaded to think what would’ve happened if he’d arrived at the intersection three seconds earlier.

Janine, in the passenger side, who hadn’t seen the car coming, was shaken by the incident and the pair decided to report the driving to police.

She said residents on the road were sick of the way drivers behaved, including regular burnouts on the Ohiti Rd intersection, which was why they had decided to install a dashcam in the car.

“We are not the first people to have problems along here. There’s too much of it going on.”

The pair, who are engaged to be married, said a more regular police presence on the road was needed, and also called on Hastings District Council to control the intersection with a “stop” sign, rather than a “give way” sign.

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