Dad spends £1,000 on in-demand Prime drinks for sons as Christmas gifts

A dad splurged £1,000 to buy his sons the popular Prime drink promoted by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul.

Up until two days ago, the hydration drink was exclusively being sold at Asda supermarkets, with widespread stocking issues across stores in the UK.

One devoted mum explained she had to wake up at 6am every day to see if she could buy the £1.99 drink for her daughter.

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From Wednesday, Aldi started selling the drink as a "special buy" – attracting hundreds of parents rushing to stores and even fighting to secure a bottle or two.

A video shared online showed customers brawling over the in-demand drinks in the Chelmsford store.

And while one dad may not have involved himself in the brawls, he did pay over the odds for the viral drink.

Convenience store owner Abdul posted on TikTok to congratulate a dad-of-two for securing the three flavours of drinks.

He asked the dad: "So how much have you spent in total?"

"£1,000," the parent said while holding a pack of Prime drinks.

His two young sons were holding another two packs of drinks and smiling contentedly.

Abdul said: "£1,000 and you just bought all this for Christmas present, yeah?"

He turned to the young boys, saying: "You've got a good daddy, I'll give you a bag of free candy, it's on me."

Viewers, however, were shocked to find out the re-sale price of the £1.99 drinks.

One said: "£72 worth of prime for £1,000, BUT they got some free candy. Makes up for it I guess."

Another wrote: "One grand for drinks, you've got to be joking."

"Dad's got more money than sense," a third commented.

An Aldi spokesperson responded to the recent chaos, saying: "We're sorry that some customers were unable to get their hands on this product, however, demand has been extremely high.

"We limited purchases to one of each variant per customer so that as many customers as possible had a chance to buy it."


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