Dad of son killed by Fake Barbie OnlyFans model fears she will strike again

The dad of a man murdered by the self-dubbed "Fake Barbie" OnlyFans model fears she may strike again and wants her to "rot in hell".

Last week Abigail White, 24, was given a life sentence with a minimum of 18 years for killing her boyfriend Bradley Lewis, 22.

The court heard how she plunged a knife into his chest at their home after a row in a pub in Kingswood, South Gloucestershire, on March 25.

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White pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility, but not guilty to murder, and claimed she picked up the knife to "shock and scare" the dad-of-four.

Bradley's dad Steve Lewis, 63, has now spoken of how the family feel they do not have justice despite the eventual murder conviction.

He told The Sun: "We’ve got a life sentence, I’m nearly 64 years of age so my life sentence might be less – anything could happen to us at any time – than the sentence she’s got.

"We’ve got hundreds of friends, Brad did too, and there wasn’t one person who thought she should get the verdict of manslaughter. People just wanted her, in a sense, to rot in hell.

"We were pleased with the verdict [of murder] but we would have liked a few more years on top."

Steve blasted suggestions made in court that she was a "loving" mum and vowed she will never again see the three children she shared with Bradley.

He also revealed fears that White may offend again as he said a "leopard doesn’t ever change its spots".

Passing the sentence, the Honourable Mr Justice Fraser said that in his view White intended to kill Bradley.

Bristol Crown Court previously heard how Bradley told White "I don't want to be with you anymore" before the incident.

Jurors were played audio messages left for a friend in which she was heard saying "I fully believe I am quite capable of killing him".

White said in the clips: "Honestly I have no limit when I get angry and obviously he said I need help with that.

"Because people are generally saying to me – one of you are going to end up dead. I am like, and I fully believe I am quite capable of killing him if he hurts me again. Or I am going to end up being in prison.

"I don't believe a f***ing word that comes out of that f***ing boy's mouth. I have to beat the f***ing living daylights out of him for him to tell me the truth, and he still don't tell me the truth.

"He only tells me the truth when he thinks I am going to f***ing kill him. Like when I get a knife out. Like when I f***ing stab him. I just don't get this kid."

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