‘Curfew cricket’ and street parties break out as crowds gather after pubs shut

Boozy Brits spilled onto the streets of central London in their masses with some even playing ' curfew cricket'.

Social distancing went out the window for revellers not ready to have their night cut short at 10pm when pubs turfed them out.

Dozens of people were caught on camera at Piccadilly Circus in central London on Saturday night, dancing to a heavyweight sound system from 10:37pm.

A game of cricket broke out in the middle of the road in Peckham, south east London after punters left drinking holes at the new enforced closing time.

The two metre rule introduced in spring was flouted by the crowds, with many also ignoring advice to wear face coverings in public.

  • UK 'heading for new national lockdown within two weeks' after tracing chaos

The curfew has been heavily criticised for forcing everyone to leave pubs, bars and restaurants at the same time, instead of naturally filtering out.

Critics say it makes the spread of coronavirus worse by crowds packing on to public transport, whereas bar staff can at least enforce social distancing in pubs.

Saturday night was another reminder of what the happens when party lovers are all told to go home at 10pm, creating a new rush hour on the London Underground.

  • Northerners party and drown lockdown sorrows as Boris Johnson plans pub closures

On Friday night, a group was filmed after 10pm "booing" cops as they shut down a singalong at London's Leicester Square.

Boris Johnson is expected to announce on Monday that thousands of pubs in the worst-hit northern Covid hotspots must close.

Restaurants in some areas could be allowed to remain open, but only until the national curfew of 10pm.

The Prime Minister's new three-tier system to stop the rapid spread of coronavirus could place ten million Northerners back under a tougher lockdown.

Areas with a low rate of infection will be classified as 'Tier One' and only have to follow the national restrictions of the Rule of Six and the 10pm curfew on hospitality venues.

Regions in 'Tier Two' will be slapped with a ban on home visits and indoor socialising with other households.

For the worst hit areas, 'Tier Three' will bring about a total closure of the hospitality sector and a ban on overnight stays outside the home.

Other Tier Three measures which could be announced tomorrow include a ban on mixing with others outside or inside and the closure of beauty salons and sports venues.

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