Couple who met while playing Wetherspoons The Game now married with a baby

A couple who met while playing a Wetherspoons game on Facebook are now married and have had a baby.

The popular social media page invites people visiting the chain to post their table number and pub name so strangers all over the country can buy them drinks through the app.

Newly wed parents Lauren Griffiths and Chris Griffiths were total strangers before coming across each other on the ever-growing Wetherspoons The Game Facebook page.

Back in 2019, Chris Griffiths was taken out by his sister to the Foley Arms Wetherspoons in Malvern shortly after he'd been split up with and needed cheering up.

His sister Beki posted on The Wetherspoons Game page, that has accumulated over 100,000 likes, to try and get some free drinks and have some fun.

That's when Lauren commented: "YOUR BROTHER IS SO FIT!"

The comment gained lots of traction as Beki and Lauren had a humorous back and forth about Chris and Lauren's potential future relationship.

"He’s thirsty too Lauren," said Beki.

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"For me?," Lauren responded.

Beki said: "Chris says, Thankyou [sic] Lauren call me sir."

Fast forward two years and the couple who were once strangers met, got married and fell in love.

In an update post, Lauren proudly states: "UPDATE: he actually did end up falling in love with my psychopath ways and we now have a Wetherspoons Game baby."

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The couple have received an outpouring of love and support – mostly from members of the group who remember the 'iconic' post.

One user wrote: "This has made my day! I remember seeing this post originally and howling with laughter. Brilliant news and congratulations both."

Another said: "Congratulations guys! What a love story for the modern age.

"I guarantee in 10 years there will be a movie made about this- possibly set at Christmas time. It’ll be on the Hallmark channel. Love it enjoy married life!"

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When questioned by the creator of page, Chris Illman, if they really did meet through the game Lauren said, "We did, I’m friends with Beki his sister but had never met Chris until after this post."

Chris wrote on the page: "So happy for you guys! I feel like a proud dad!

"Our first wedding and baby from a couple that met on this group!

"I vote they get to spoons for the wedding reception!"

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