Couple miss out on £182m EuroMillions jackpot after ticket payment failed

A young couple missed out on a £182 million EuroMillions jackpot after their ticket payment didn’t go through.

Rachel Kennedy, 19, and Liam McCrohan, 21, had placed a bet for the numbers 6, 12, 22, 29, 33, 6 and 11 for five weeks in a row.

On Friday February 26, the seven digits came up, and Rachel, a student, was notified on the app that she had a Winning Match.

She then called her boyfriend and her mum before calling the hotline thinking she'd won the jackpot.

Liam and Rachel's excitement quickly faded as Camelot told the couple they had a match – but Rachel hadn't had the funds in her account to buy the ticket so it didn't go through.

Speaking to The Sun, Rachel said she had been "on top of the world" before she found out she hadn’t actually one.

She said her boyfriend, Liam, was "more upset" than she was and had already been doing the sums for how they would spend the money.

Liam said: "She was quite relaxed about it but I had kind of spent it in my head already.

"I was absolutely heartbroken when we heard the man on the phone say we hadn’t actually bought the ticket.

"I was already picturing our dream house and the dream car, I think I was getting a bit carried away to be fair."

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Liam said the app "really made it look like" they had won as it comes up with "winning match" in orange.

Rachel now believes the numbers she had been playing for weeks are unlucky and she has changed them for the next draw.

She said: "I actually have two sets of numbers that I use. One of them is birthdays of family members and stuff, but the ones that were the winner were just random numbers that I had clicked one day and had been using ever since.

"We’re absolutely not going to keep using those numbers now, I’ve already changed them."

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After Liam got over the shock of losing, he posted a screenshot of the app to Facebook laughing about their loss.

He said he’d posted it so his friends can see but it quickly "blew up" and the post amassed over 31,000 likes.

Liam said: "Initially I just posted it so my friends could see. I’ve only got like 120 followers but then it just blew up and I think it's got over 31,000 likes now."

The draw has since been claimed by one winner in Switzerland.

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