Councillor resigns after driving lorry during Zoom cabinet meeting

A senior councillor has been forced to resign after taking part in a virtual Zoom meeting while driving a lorry.

David Brown, who is a portfolio holder for tourism, arts and culture at the Boston Borough Council, joined the cabinet meeting along with other councillors on Wednesday.

A Zoom video call live streamed on YouTube shows Mr Brown steering behind the wheel and appearing to adjust the device several times.

During the meeting, he responds by giving a thumbs up and looking at the device.

The councillor later resigned the role and admitted he "regretted" his actions but insisted what he did was no different to "twiddling with car radios" while driving.

Lincolnshire Police said it was investigating reports of a man driving while using a device, and Mr Brown said he would "co-operate fully with any investigation".

Mr Brown has since resigned his portfolio, but will remain a councillor.

The incident sparked a row with opposition officials at the council as some branded his behaviour "disgusting".

Opposition official John Hastie said the step down as portfolio holder was not enough.

He said: "The whole situation is disgusting.

"He was elected to serve and represent the residents of his ward at all council meetings he’s involved in, not carry out paid employment during meetings.

"If he hasn’t got the time or commitment to be a portfolio holder he should have never accepted the position in the first place.

"Unfortunately he has not gone far enough and should resign from the council completely due to his recent actions."

Councillor Peter Watson added: "Merely apologising and resigning from cabinet is not enough for what the people of Boston deserve from councillor Brown."

In a statement, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said: "From the footage shown to us, we can see a brazen example of flouting the rules of the road.

"Boston Borough Council has a responsibility to ensure that all those working on their behalf have a legal duty to ensure that safe working practices are followed and that their actions do not create a risk to others."

A spokesperson for the council said: "This is being investigated through the correct channels and dealt with accordingly."

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