Coronavirus vaccine failure threatens collapse of world superpower -‘Peak goes on and on!’

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Professor Karol Sikora of the University of Buckingham claimed crucial economic countries would be in crisis if a coronavirus vaccine was not delivered soon. During an interview with, Professor Sikora claimed he was most concerned about the US in their fight against coronavirus. He said the US’ first wave just seems to continue, rather than peak, fall and then have a second wave return.

Professor Sikora also claimed other important economies like India was struggling with the coronavirus crisis and desperately needed a vaccine.

He said: “The lack of a vaccine is a problem for the countries that are really doing badly.

“The most worrying country is the United States.

“It just seems to go on and on, there is no second peak it is just the first peak is going on and on.

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“The other country of concern is Iran, again you could say it is a second peak but when you look it, it is really the first peak continuing.

“Continuing most certainly with a change in the way cases are recorded and increased testing.”

Mr Sikora claimed that South America can expect further issues dealing with coronavirus.

He said: “Then there is Latin America where they have been hit badly, Brazil particularly so but also Peru, Chile and Argentina.

“Brazil stands out as an outlier amongst Latin American countries for both number of cases and the severity in terms of the death potential in that country.

“Ultimately I think having a vaccine would be great.”

Professor Sikora claimed to have doubts about how quickly a vaccine could be developed, however.

He also praised the countries that have dealt with the pandemic well despite the absence of a cure or vaccine.

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He said: “India is the worst in Asia as there is no doubt China is fine now.

“There may be a few local spikes but on the whole, it is controlled.

“The countries that are wealthy in Asia such as Singapore and Korea have done really well.

“They have got very good processes in place and their population is a lot more malleable to tracing systems.”

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