Cop slams robber to the ground when he tries to hold up bank right next to him

A dramatic video shows a police officer subduing a robber who unwittingly tried to hold up a bank right next to him.

In the clip, filmed on Monday (November 22) Robert Chitwood goes into a bank in Columbus, Ohio, and demands money from a bank teller.

The 29-year-old is apprehended by the cop soon after he grabs the money from the Huntington Bank teller.

"He threw the money down and surrendered on the ground," the Columbus Police Lieutenant tells reporters outside the bank.

"This is what you're trained to do as a police officer… stop robberies, homicides, crime like that.

"It was nice to be able to do one in my career," he adds. "Every cop's dream is to be in the right place like this to stop the robbery."

The suspect was arrested and no injuries were reported.

Chitwood was driving a stolen vehicle from Cincinnati that was also recovered and was also in possession of a stolen cheque he forged to himself that belonged to the owner of the car.

Detective Herman said: "Thanks to the quick actions of this plainclothes lieutenant this robbery is solved."

The video went down a storm on Facebook where people praised the "heroic" actions of the anonymous police lieutenant.

One user said: "Fantastic work, lieutenant. Very proud of your efforts. Thank you."

Another person gushed: "Yes!! This is awesome!!!! Well done!"

Someone else added: "Great work Lt. Right place at the right time.

"Very well handled without any injuries and everyone is safe."

"I would have loved to see the dude's face," confessed another viewer.

Someone else wrote: "So glad you were there, sure the teller feels the same!"

This comes after a "real-life Batman" vigilante tied two thieves to a lampost with duct tape and painted them in "Joker" style clown makeup.

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