Colorado average gas prices reach record high at $4.77 per gallon, AAA says

The average price of gas in Colorado hit $4.77 per gallon on Wednesday, an almost 5 cent increase from yesterday, marking a record high cost for the state, according to AAA.

The average prices per county show higher costs in the mountains, while the lowest averages are in the eastern plains.

Colorado’s average gas prices have jumped $0.40 per gallon since last Wednesday and nearly $0.70 since last month, data from AAA shows.

Compared to one year ago, average gas prices in Colorado are $1.59 per gallon higher than the average of $3.18 in June 2021.

The centennial state’s average gas prices are still falling below the national average, which reached over $4.95 per gallon on Wednesday, AAA said.

The cost for a barrel of oil was reported to be reaching $120 on Monday, AAA said, doubling the price from August 2021. They reported that drivers are continuing to hit the road, not yet changing driving habits due to the high costs.

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