Clever dog fetches a drink for owner – but only when she uses the right phrase

Everyone jokes about teaching their dogs some useful tricks that will make their own lives easier, like grabbing a beer from the fridge or finding the TV remote.

But own dog owner has impressed TikTok users by doing just that as the clever pup has learnt to fetch a drink for his owner when she uses the right phrase.

Owners Tiff and Claire, from Fulham, have trained the dog Floki to fetch them a drink when they say 'I'm thirsty'.

Claire recorded a video proving Floki's amazing talent and posted it to TikTok as the Staffy Sharpei shocked the users as he diligently picked up a can and brought it over to Claire.

The video on his own TikTok page called @flokidoes has been viewed more than 30,000 times, with impressed users saying how incredible and clever he is.

In the TikTok video, you can hear Claire say, “Hi Floki, I'm thirsty.”

Floki thinks about it for a second before running off into another room. Moments later, we see Floki return with a can of Pepsi Max in his mouth, handing it to Claire.

After a grateful thank you, Floki looks incredibly proud of himself.

Viewers were quite frankly jealous of Floki's services with one commenting “That’s amazing, can he cook too?” while another says he is a more advanced version of Siri.

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Other users love the idea of having a personal canine butler, commenting, “I need one. Does he also get beer?” and “Is a wine bottle too heavy?”

But that’s not the only useful thing Floki can do as Claire has also managed to teach him how to turn the Xbox on and off – a trick which resulted in the clever pooch going viral before.

Claire told TeamDogs : “His other tricks stemmed from learning the Xbox command. His latest trick is to collect drinks, and we’re working on different types of drinks and tidying up.”

Claire has promised that a tidying up video will soon be featured on TikTok with Floki's usefulness not ending anytime soon.

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