Christian Grey wannabe kept secret folder of women and made pros and cons list

A creepy 'Christian Grey wannabe' kept a secret folder of women and made pros and cons lists of them.

Self-proclaimed Lothario and former police officer Fraser Ross mercilessly beat his girlfriend and boasted of his sexual prowess with provocative clothing.

The Glasgow-based officer likened himself to Christian Grey, the lead character from the Fifty Shades of Grey series, with one t-shirt claiming he taught the BDSM-loving literary figure everything he knew.

But now he has been convicted of four domestic abuse charges, the Daily Record reports.

His terrified ex-girlfriend Anne-Marie Hirdman said her former lover had to read books to help him with women and kept physical and digital folders packed with pictures and videos of them.

The physical folders included handwritten lists of their pros and cons.

Ross, from Motherwell, avoided jail after being convicted of three charges of assault and one of threatening and abusive behaviour. He has resigned from the Force.

The 42-year-old stockpiled pictures and videos of his former partners on a USB stick and kept them as trophies at the home where he abused former model Anne-Marie.

Anne-Marie, 42, said she was left sickened after she learned what he was really like – and how he’d rated and critiqued women he’d been romantically involved with.

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The victim says she still suffers mentally and physically two years after they split.

She said: “He had a USB with every girl that he’d been with that had sent him pictures and videos.

“It was like a souvenir of everything, that’s the way I saw it. I think it’s sick he had it.

"I get people would save things. You have a partner and you would save things, I get that side of it.

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“He also had a ring binder folder and it was all about women. All the women he’d been with, and he had comments about each and every one of them."

Ross denied that he had broken the law, saying Anne-Marie was a "jealous, paranoid and vindictive liar" during the trial at Hamilton Sheriff Court.

She revealed that her ex would brand her the same names as he had in court when she stood up to him over his cache of conquests.

Anne-Marie, 42, added: "When I first met him, he had these books, the Mystery. It’s all about how to pick up women.

“He told me at the time that he’d lost all his confidence after his ex-girlfriend and he’d got this book to help him build up his confidence.

“I wasn’t there all the time when we first got together. I kept finding bits of paper and it was pick-up lines that he’d written out."

Anne-Marie says Ross attacked her at least 40 times during their relationship and raised his hands to her at least once a week when they were together.

She said many of the attacks would be carried out in a rage because she disagreed with him. He would tell Anne-Marie she "deserved" the abuse, which saw him kneeing, hitting and suffocating her.

And she said he beat her wearing his uniform, leaving her so scared of cops she can have panic attacks when seeing them.

Ross was spared jail for the abuse that happened between December 2013 and August 2019. He was given a Community Payback Order.

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