Chinese military ‘successfully tests’ new drone swarm military system

The Chinese army claims to have successfully tested a new fighting system which uses deadly drone swarms.

Armoured vehicles will be protected by the group of unmanned flying weapons which give them up-to-date battlefield information so they can both defend themselves and attack.

Details of the successful test were shared by Chinese state media citing a now deleted article by developer Hiwing Aviation General Equipment Co Ltd.

The Beijing-based company specialises in unmanned aerial drones and is a branch of the state-owned China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation.

Hiwing took down its post, which had originally been shared to Chinese social media platform WeChat, without explanation on Tuesday (September 8).

Images carried in the article showed a swarm of small coordinated aerial drones leading a column of armoured vehicles, including an infantry fighting vehicle and a battle tank.

The images are thought to have been captured during the unnamed army unit’s successful military drill.

It was carried out in May in an undisclosed location according to Weihutang, a China Central Television program on military affairs.

The report said drone swarm technology is a growing industry as mass-produced drones are low-cost, cover a wide area, and are flexible and expendable.

Citing data released by the US Department of Defense in 2018, Weihutang said that America is also aiming to use drone swarms to support ground troops by engaging in reconnaissance, aerial back-up, and communications relay.

It is claimed that by releasing a drone swarm, the armoured vehicle can better understand the battlefield situation than by using a single drone.

Drones can also be armed to launch attacks and swarms make it difficult for the enemy to intercept all of them.

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