China to become ‘more aggressive’ if West blocks Beijing’s ambitions

China: Chang'e 5's space probe collects moon samples

Last week, the Communist nation successfully landed a spacecraft on the moon’s surface in the first mission to retrieve lunar surface samples in 40 years. The country’s National Space Administration said the probe had landed on the near side of the moon.

The mission was to collect lunar material to aid scientists in learning more about the moon’s origins and the solar system.

Following their space mission, Professor Ram Jakhu, an expert in international space law and law and policy, has said the West should be concerned about the moon landing.

Professor Jakhu told “I think the West be concerned but not worried about it.

“The reason is the West is quite ahead of China in its capabilities.

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“Also, the West is a somewhat united group and the overall capability is speedier and extensive than China.”

But he warned China should not be blocked from advancing their technological capabilities otherwise they will become more aggressive.

He continued: “The question is not whether we are worried but the West cannot stop other countries’ capabilities.

“Nowadays, technology is globalised.

“I think the West should be concerned about China but not necessarily worried about it.

“If you block them, they will become more aggressive.

“The West cannot stop the development of other nations.”

Beijing’s latest space mission comes just months after they launched a spacecraft from the Jiuguan Satellite Launch Centre and returned it back to Earth after two days in orbit.

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Little was known about the launch except it may have been testing a reusable spacecraft.

A brief report, published by the Chinese state-run Xinhua News Agency, provided a glimpse into the secret space mission.

They wrote: “The successful flight marked the country’s important breakthrough in reusable spacecraft research and is expected to offer convenient and low-cost round-trip transport for the peaceful use of space.”

While alarms were raised following the secretive mission and increased threats of the militarisation of space, Professor Jakhu warned all major powers pose a threat to the world.

When asked which country is likely to start a war in space, Professor Jakhu said: “I think it’s very difficult to say.

“I think everybody. The major powers who have the capabilities pose a threat to everybody.

“The US are developing weapons because Russia and China are doing it.

“They are doing it because the US is.

“I think nowadays in a globalised world, it is very difficult to say who is worse than who.

“The world has changed.

“To me, everyone has the responsibility not to behave in an irresponsible manner.”

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