China savaged for coronavirus cover-up – ‘95% of cases could have been wiped out!’

The coronavirus disease COVID-19 has managed to bring governments around the world to their knees in a matter of weeks. As many nations become more comfortable with dealing with the virus, questions now are being asked about who is responsible for the global health crisis. China has faced heated criticism for failing to announce the health issue as soon as possible. is asking that you please help support our NHS heroes here is now campaigning for Captain Tom Moore to get a knighthood over his heroic efforts in raising millions for the NHS.

TalkRadio’s Dan Wooton noted that some scientists have concluded that if China had been more forthcoming with the scope of the virus 95 percent of cases could have been avoided.

This is in reference to a study published by the University of Southampton in mid-March although the analysis paper is yet to be peer-reviewed.

Mr Wootton said: “Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith said on this show earlier this week the World Health Organisation (WHO) is the real culprit because they did nothing before it was too late.

“IDS believes a rethink is urgently required.

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“I do need to remind you of these stunning statistics and it should really crystalise my argument.

“Some scientists estimate that 95 percent of coronavirus cases could have been totally wiped out if China had been more honest about the pandemic from the start.

“So I am calling for the Government to back the US to demand serious change to the WHO so it is fit for purpose in time for the next global pandemic threat.

“Our very way of life might depend on it.”

Mr Wootton also commented on Donald Trump’s recent decision to stop funding from the US to the WHO.

He said: “While Donald Trump may have withdrawn funding from the WHO this week to deflect from his unquestionably dodgy handling of this coronavirus crisis.

“That doesn’t mean serious questions shouldn’t be asked about the WHO.

The TalkRadio host also reflected on the pressure the WHO is facing after facing criticism for their role in managing the global health pandemic.

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“He continued: “The World Health Organisation has botched and blundered its way through the biggest health emergency of our lifetime.

“Something fishy has been going on between China and the WHO.

“The UK Government has said that the WHO must learn lessons from the crisis.

“It has continued to fund the organisation and has pumped in 75 million pounds recently.”

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