China on track to become ‘world’s most dominant power’ after coronavirus crisis

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And, the superpower could find itself closing the gap further with the US, as Donald Trump tries to manage the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis, the author suggested. Speaking to, author of the book ‘Easternisation: War and Peace in the Asian Century’, Gideon Rachman, said: “China is on course to become the world’s most dominant power and indeed by some measures they are already the world’s largest economy. They became the world’s largest economy in 2014 by purchasing power and in real terms, China’s economy is going to become larger than the United States by 2030.

“This trajectory could close a bit if the US economy takes a sustained hit from the coronavirus crisis.”

These remarks were reflected by Martin Jacques, academic and author of ‘When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World’ and ‘Birth of a New Global Order’, who speaking to The China Daily said: “America is patently no longer able to provide global leadership.

“It has effectively abandoned multilateralism.

“The US cannot lead itself, nevermind the world.”

China may eclipse the US as the world’s top power because of a combination of the economic fallout from the coronavirus lockdown, the nationwide protests following George Floyd’s death, and the protectionist policies of President Donald Trump, the leading author has said.

The United States, like many countries across the world, has been hit by the economic fallout of the coronavirus crisis.

But author, Mr Rachman, maintains that Washington is by no means showing initiative or leadership at the global level amid the spiralling economic and social woes caused by COVID-19.

Mr Rachman also noted the US was experiencing a very turbulent year both politically and economically.

However, Mr Rachman said: “It is premature to draw very big conclusions about what is going to happen as America’s economy and society have been pretty resilient in the past, so I would not write off the possibility of the United States rebounding when the coronavirus crisis ends.”

Mr Rachman added: “Power is not just economic power you must consider diplomatic power, cultural power, and military power, those are all different indices that match up with each other.”

Some experts have drawn parallels with the current competition between China and the US and the Cold War-era animosity between the US and the Soviet Union.

Mr Rachman was reluctant to paint the current dynamic as a “new cold war”.

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He said: “China and America’s economies are much more inter-reliant than the Soviet and US economies were.”

Because of the entanglement of both economies – conflict would be mutually destructive, the author added.

Mr Rachman also claimed Donald Trump was attempting to shift the blame for mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “The US economy has been extremely badly hit by coronavirus, which originated in China and so has seen Donald Trump come up with a new strategy of saying that these problems are because of China.”

Speaking about the spiralling relations between China and the West, Mr Rachman sees a new regime in the White House as a way to resolve some of the tension.

He said: “It is hard to optimistic about US-China relations. But Joe Biden in the White House may bring a thaw in relations with China.

“He will recognise that the US needs a working relationship in China for the benefit of the world economy and also for the benefit of tackling climate change.”

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