Cat pretends to be a baby so grandad can teach son how to bathe a newborn

A grandad has used an adorable kitten as a dummy to teach his son how to bathe a newborn.

Adorable footage shared by Reddit user Eiruna Konaka shows the white and orange cat being calmly held as the man shows how to clean it.

The grandad is seen gesturing the instructions as he explains in Vietnamese: "Hold the neck, then put your hands on the butt cheeks, that will give you a better grip.

"Hold his butt and put him down the basin."

The kitten seems to understand its role of being a little helper and behaves like a baby while letting grandad to demonstrate the technique.

The feline stays still in the blue fruit basket as the owner says: "The basin is long, so you will still hold the baby up like this.

"Wash his body, armpits, neck, etc. His face we will wash later. He can kick around however he likes."

As he brushes the kitten's head, it closes its eyes as if it is getting a head massage.

The man goes on to explain how to dry the baby with a towel and wrap it in the new diaper.

The son can be heard saying: "You're really skillful at this!"

Viewers praised the kind grandad for passing his knowledge to the next generation , with one calling him a "wholesome guy".

"It’s so nice to see the grandpa explain it so throughly as well," a viewer wrote.

A dad commented: "I would have loved to have had someone like him there to show me when my son was an infant, for real."

But others were more impressed by the cat's reaction.

A viewer wrote: "I'm in love with this video! Can't believe how chill the cat is being the entire time!"

"Kitty loves grandpa!" a second added.

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