Burglars ‘pose as delivery men’ and storm home to hold five kids at knifepoint

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Twisted armed robbers burst into a London family home and held five children at knifepoint earlier this week whilst their parents were out at the shops.

A video of the terrifying attack shows the moments before the middle child, a 13-year-old, protects her younger siblings as the vile burglars demanded cash.

The children have all been left traumatised by the armed robbery and the children's father has now spoken out.

Father-of-five Naz, 49, and wife Kumar had popped to the shops on Monday when at around 2:30pm a man in a bright orange hi-vis jacket and holding a parcel buzzed on the door of the property in Beresford Road, Walthamstow.

In footage released by Naz and the Met Police four men then run at the house, two of them leaping over the fence, and burst through the front door.

The parents' five daughters; a nine-year-old, 12-year-old, 13-year-old, 20-year-old and 24-year-old were at home when the incident happened.

The man asked for a signature for the package he was carrying so the teenage girl who answered the door called for her older sister.

As she turned her back he pushed her through the front door and pointed a large knife at her while four other men, all armed with knives, rushed in.

The men tore there way through the property in search of valuables, threatening those inside as they went.

The 24-year-old required hospital treatment for concussion , while the 20-year-old suffered facial injuries.

The men made off with jewellery, phones, passports, iPads, a designer handbag, ear pods, ID cards, passports and designer watches from the address.

Recounting the raid, Naz said: “My 20-year-old was upstairs when she heard the commotion.

“She ran to the loft to hide and call the police, however, they heard her footsteps and ran after her.

“She tried to shut the bathroom door but they pushed the door in, hit her, grabbed the phone off her and put a knife against her back.

“They marched her down the stairs and hit her repeatedly, asking for money. My daughter kept saying we didn’t have any because there was no money in the house.

“My kids were terrorised."

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The father continued: “They grabbed my nine-year-old daughter’s arm, trying to scare them into telling them where the money was, but there was no money in the house.

“My oldest daughter and teenager daughter jumped in front of the men to protect the younger siblings.

“They had all the girls downstairs and marched the older two upstairs asking them to hand them all their belongings.

“The little three younger girls were downstairs and screaming on their own. They were hiding behind the sofa but the men took the two of them with knives against their back."

He explained the bravery of his 13-year-old daughter, adding: "The thirteen-year-old stood in front of the younger two to defend them, she was so brave.

“They tore the house apart. They took what they did, two of them left initially and the three of them left after that."

Naz added: “My nine-year-old is in a lot of pain and her arms are hurting. The kids are hurt physically and mentally."

Police are making an appeal to the public for any witnesses or information in relation to the suspects that could result in their identification. There have been no arrests and inquiries continue.

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