Brits refuse to sit on adult film star bench posing as tribute to Covid victim

People are refusing to sit on a London bench because of its bizarre plaque in memory of a pretend porn star.

The newly-fixed plaque has left Reddit users regretting searching for an explanation online while others left a stream of jokes.

U/Alistairio shared a photo of the recently updated bench to the r/london community on Wednesday with the caption: "Spotted this on Victoria Embankment. I’m not sitting on that."

It is usually newly laid benches that pay tribute to a lost loved one in the area but the snap shows a contrast in weathering between the well-used wood and cheeky plaque.

The screwed-in black and white notice reads: "In memory of Tamarind Bukkake Threw Shade & Caught Covid".

Bukkake is a popular term in porn films for the act of multiple men ejaculating in the direction of a single woman.

Whether it was fitted as a prank to cause a laugh or a genuine attempt to celebrate a coronavirus victim's life, one thing everyone agrees on is that the name can only belong to a drag queen or porn star.

In response to someone asking for the bench's exact location, someone said: "Wear a condom. You may get pregnant."

Another replied: "Make sure to wash your hands afterward."

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Over on the site, Alistairio offered a theory: "I think the person who attached it is used to operating in the dead of night in a shady manner, but they have a heart of gold."

"If it were real, there would be dates," someone commented.

Then came the jokes.

"A touching memorial, she must have been showered with a lot of love," one person quipped.

Another site user replied: "Glad someone splashed out."

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"Never has one person been loved by so many," a third budding comedian wrote.

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