Brits drop like flies in four-hour airport queues and threaten to riot

British passengers were on the verge of rioting after being stuck in four-hour long queues at one of Europe's most popular airports.

Staff at Faro Airport in Portugal had gone on last-minute strike action, which caused chaos for Brits arriving in the country.

Reports of travellers “dropping like flies” in the crowded check-in area saw some flee to nearby escalators which were not working to try and grab some space during the chaos on Friday (March 17).

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One passenger called it “insanity”, Birmingham Live reports.

Sam Jones, who said he saw young people fainting and needing medical attention, said, while posting updates on social media: “People are shouting and getting agitated and it's very hot.

"There's only two people (check-in desks) open, and we're pretty certain that they've just gone for lunch and left us all here.”

Local news outlet Portugal Resident reported that passengers were worried about a riot happening as more and more of the travellers missed their flights.

It has been confirmed that the strike was called by the Foreigners and Borders Service, but it has not been reported why they called it and how much notice they gave.

Another passenger, writing in the comments section on The Portugal News, called it “complete turmoil”.

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Sally Fieldsend wrote: “I arrived at Faro airport for my 10.15 flight to Bournemouth and the place was in complete turmoil with the biggest queues I have ever seen, no information given by ground staff or police.

“People were fainting, tempers raised, no water after queueing for three and half hours, (only) to be told my flight had already left and not to bother queuing anymore.

“We had no idea where our luggage was or what was happening – it’s the worst situation I have ever been in.

“My suitcase is now in Bournemouth airport and I am back home in Vale Judeu.

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“The lack of information and for the poor people who were passing out was a horrific scene to be part of.”

And another, Mark Barber said that once you got through check-in, to passport control, it was “chaos”, and that everyone was “packed like sardines” as only two desks were open with “several thousands” of passengers trying to pass through.

He added: “There were no announcements and the police were just standing around looking gormless.

“A complete shambles that will put many people off holidaying in Portugal again.”

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