British woman dies in Spain after being stung by a wasp in a sports bar

A wasp has killed a British woman who died inside the sports bar she was stung in.

Despite the best efforts of paramedics performing CPR, the 67-year-old woman was pronounced dead on Monday afternoon in Teulada-Moraira, Costa Blanca in Spain.

Her tragic death is thought to be the result of an anaphylactic shock in reaction to a wasp sting.

According to reports, the Brit lived in the area and had been enjoying the company of friends and family in sports bar La Sabatera at the time.

A spokeswoman for a regional government-run emergency coordination centre said: “The alarm was raised around 2pm local time. The woman who died had been inside the bar-restaurant where the tragedy occurred.

“She was stung and suffered a severe reaction to the venom in the sting. She went into anaphylactic shock and died at the scene.”

La Sabatera had only recently opened its doors for customers again after a period of closure as new management took over.

The most severe reactions to wasp stings are referred to as anaphylaxis which occurs when your body goes into shock in response to wasp venom.

Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction to wasp sting include swelling to the face, lips or throat, itching in areas not affected by the sting, and breathing difficulties.

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In March a shopper was shocked to get home from Tesco only to find an angry wasp alive in a bag of vegetables she had just bought.

Jenna, 28, was set to bang the £1.50 veggie medley in the microwave when she spotted a critter wriggling in among the carrots and broccoli.

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Sharing her horror on Instagram, Jenna from Essex said she was relieved to have discovered the unwanted ingredient before serving them up for her partner's children.

And last month a huge insect left a six-year-old girl screaming hysterically as she found it in her cake bar from Aldi.

The girl’s granddad, 42, who wishes to remain anonymous, says believes it must have been a something like wasp or maybe even a dragonfly.

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