Britains worst landlord blasts own staff as fat and lazy in horrible rant

A pub boss has been dubbed Britain's "worst landlord" after launching a brutal attack on his staff calling them "fat, dumb and lazy" in a vile rant posted online.

Rami Bekhit, the landlord of The Rose Cottage Restaurant blasted his former employees alongside his entire customer base and branded the town a "sh*t hole".

In the vicious online post, the owner labelled the town of Redruth in Cornwall as 'Deadruth" and said the rich wouldn't be "seen dead" there.

It comes after an ongoing fractured relationship between locals and the pub owner, who purchased the venue back in 2015.

Residents believe he is the person behind the post, which can be found on a tab on the website called: "Whatever happened to?"

Once on the website, each former employee can find an insult dedicated to them with comments specifically targeting their intelligence and looks.

The website labels its controversial owner as a "fearless, adventurous trailblazer" before carrying out a string of vile abuse on each employee.

One individual is repeatedly criticised as being a "retarded illiterate" and "dishonest", while the 'article' accuses the person in question of being "dumber than his dogs" and "having ruined his girlfriend's life" by "breaking the condom".

One former member of staff said she had been left in tears at the posts.

She added: "It’s horrible. I’ve been up all night and I just feel like I can’t walk around without people asking me questions.

"I've never done a thing wrong. I have always taken up extra shifts. I always worked really hard there."

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The pub, which is currently for sale, closed down in 2018 but reopened in December that year, with Rami's son Mike running the venue before it shut for good in April 2019.

The rant is over 1,300 words long, and makes bizarre claims that the pub used to be a “drugs outlet” and implies that local people couldn’t handle it turning into a “posh restaurant”.

It concludes by describing the town as a; "big s*** hole town of job candidates, here, rightly berated and ridiculed to help advise other businesses".

The pub owners have declined to answer questions but in a statement defended the post on the website, claiming it featured "truthful facts" and stating numerous times that the claims could be corroborated by evidence.

Other former staff members have suggested that they will be taking legal action in response to the post – especially as some have not worked in the venue for up to six years.

The Star has approached Mr Bekhit for comment.

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