Britains toughest repo man gets cars back no matter what and never backs down

Britain's toughest repo man has racked up millions of fans and you don’t want him turning up on your doorstep.

Sean James, a former Royal Navy sailor, is an internet sensation with clips showing the hardcore aggro of working on the frontline of Britain’s repossession industry.

His Youtube channel ‘REPO MAN’ is also getting millions of views.

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The 51-year-old, said: “I never back down – that is my job.

“I will get those cars back no matter what. I get employed to recover the vehicles that others can’t get near.

“There is something about that conflict that appeals to people and our views on Facebook, YouTube and TikTok are going through the roof.”

Sean, who left school at 16 to join the Royal Navy, now directs and produces ‘dramatised reality’ versions of his encounters with defaulters who want to hang on to anything from a Ford Focus to £2million worth of industrial machinery.

He adds: “The common factor is that I’ve come for the vehicle, and they are going to stop me – or so they think,” he adds. “It gets tasty very quickly and although I’ve had chipped bones and stitches, I always win.

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“People didn’t believe the level of abuse and violence I face so I created a new genre of TV and internet clips to show the full fury of these repossessions, and the viewers love it.”

Sean’s long list of violent showdowns includes recovering a Range Rover from a Merseyside gangster, driving away high-end Ferraris, Porsches, and Aston Martins along with getting the keys back to a stone crushing machine worth £2million that a Scottish gang had kept for two years after failing to meet repayments.

He adds: “I have no sympathy for these people. They take out a loan with a finance company and for some reason think the vehicle then belongs to them; it doesn’t. And I’m getting it back. It’s simple if you can’t afford it then you can’t have it. I don’t have stuff I cannot afford.

“If I didn’t get the vehicle back, I didn’t get paid. Some people paid up but I was fighting literally every day.”

He hopes his success will lead to a TV career.

He said: “I’m focusing on TV shows and the clips. I even have people recognising me on the street as Repo Man. They love the action, the fun and the escapism of it.

"If one TV channel took the gamble on me, they would have viewing figures they would dream of.”

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