Britains most tattooed woman sent designer gift from fan that blew her mind

'Britain's most tattooed woman' says a present from a fan when she became a cam girl "blew her mind".

Becky Holt, 33, has come a long way since launching her modelling career but remembers clearly how stunned she was that a stranger would dip deep into their pocket for her.

The new mum who is covered in ink from head to toe told the Daily Star that she was once bought a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes by someone on the phone to her during a live webcam stream.

Although it left the OnlyFans speechless at the time, Becky now laughs at the fact she would be able to afford them herself after just five minutes on camera.

It was the start of an unbelievable perk that comes with stripping off on camera as Becky found blokes were only too keen to treat her despite never meeting.

An Amazon wishlist advertised on Becky's AdmireMe.Vip page includes gemstones, clothing, and fragrances but she admits she forgot about it as no one has bought from it for years.

Becky said: "People did at one point, I used to have stuff bought all the time.

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"It was normally like when I was on cam and guys would be like 'Oh let me buy you a gift on cam' and I'm like 'Okay'."

According to Becky, they would add: "Let me get something from your wishlist and buy it for you."

What felt especially groundbreaking was the first time someone forked out a couple hundred pounds on her.

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"I got bought a pair of shoes once and that was when I just started my career when I first started doing like modelling and camming and stuff like that," Becky said.

"Someone bought me a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes which absolutely blew my mind because they were £200 and I was like 'Oh my God, how can a stranger part with so much money so easily?'

"Whereas now I get paid £200 to go on cam for five minutes," she laughed.

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The model who describes herself as 'the sexiest tattooed goddess to grace this planet' told the Daily Star how after taking a break from OnlyFans to have a baby, Becky has returned to the site to fund a house move.

But getting her subscriptions back to where they were will take some time and the presents from fans will inevitably follow.

Becky said: "Nobody buys anything off my wishlist, I haven't had anything bought off my wishlist for years, I didn't even think it still existed to be honest. I know there's probably a link somewhere.

"I haven't looked at it for God knows how long, I can't remember what's on it."

The 33-year-old, from Cheshire, is known for her artwork as she's inked around 95% of her body in tattoos, and in the process, she's splurged an eye-watering £35,000 on transforming her appearance.

She once stunned viewers of a social experiment shared on Youtube by having her body covered up with make up to look as though her skin was completely bare.

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