Britain’s ‘fattest dog’ dies after binging on diet of burgers before losing 27kg

Britain's "fattest dog" has died after ballooning to 50kg on a diet of burgers.

Obese canine "Hattie the Fattie" shed half her body weight after becoming something of a celebrity by resembling a pot-bellied pig.

At one point she weighed 50kg and a fundraising campaign was set up to get her a tummy tuck.

Then after arriving at Gables Farm Dogs and Cats home in Plymouth, Devon, she was immediately put on a strict weight controlled diet.

And the scale of her progress stunned staff at the animal rescue centre as the portly pooch got her weight down to 23kg without needing the operation.

But Gables Dogs and Cats Home has paid tribute to Hattie, after she lost her life due to acute and terminal liver failure.

The much-loved dog spent three days with the vet, but nothing could be done so she was allowed to return back to the animal charity, her home.

She then sadly crossed over to "the rainbow bridge" surrounded by those she loved. Staff at the home sad: "A tribute to Hattie, gone to soon.

"We are heartbroken and emotional to announce such sad news to our supporters. Our beloved Hattie 'the fattie' has crossed over Rainbow Bridge.

"She spent three days with our amazing vets but sadly nothing could be done as she had developed acute and terminal liver failure.

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"Fortunately she was able to come home and spend her final night with Ruth and her last morning with those she loved.

"We want to thank everyone for helping us to be there for her, when the charity she came from were going to put her to sleep as diabetic dogs are so difficult to care for. Sleep well Hattie, we will miss you so much."

The tri-coloured collie cross, who was taken in by the farm from the RSPCA, arrived at Gables, in February 2018. She was nearly blind, diabetic, and required twice daily injections of insulin for life.

Her ears were also in need of cleaning and it was discovered that not only were they infected but her ear canals are too narrow and will require surgery to help prevent future infections.

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At the time the animal charity put out a desperate plea to raise funds for Hattie, hoping to hit their £1,200 target. Amazingly, 65 kind-hearted people were so touched by Hattie's story, a huge £4,050 was raised.

Hattie, a collie, has diabetes and is awaiting surgery to remove her cateracts – which staff believe will improve her wellbeing even further.

Ruth Rickard, who has worked at the centre for 10 years, previously said Hattie's weight ballooned after living a sedentary lifestyle on a diet of fast food including daily burgers.

She was initially rescued by the RSPCA before being handed over to the rescue centre. She added: "When I first saw Hattie I couldn’t believe it as she looked more like a pot bellied pig than a dog. I just knew we had to try and help her."

Ruth said she had enjoyed her new life at the centre where she would spend her days in the reception area keeping an eye on staff and customers.

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