Brit ISIS bride whinges its not fair shes not being allowed to return to UK

A British mother who left to join Islamic State has asked the UK to let her return home from Syria with her three daughters.

Nicole Jack, from West London, is being detained with her three children at Camp Roj where relatives of people suspected of belonging to Isis are held.

34-year-old Nicole Jack is being held at the same camp as Shamima Begum, the Londoner who had her UK citzenship cancelled on security grounds in 2019 and will not be allowed back.

Ms Jack told BBC News that she had never "seen a beheading in my life."

She added that her family were "out of sight, out of mind" and urged Britain not to sweep her "under the carpet".

But the Home Office today pointed out to MailOnline that ISIS "committed atrocious crimes including butchering and beheading innocent civilians".

The mother decided to leave London with her husband and then four children to join Isis in Iraq back in October 2015.

She reportedly told her family she was going to Somalia to begin a new life and get a fresh start.

The mother claimed her husband Hussein Ali threatened to break up the family if she decided not to go with him, but he died fighting for the militant group the following year.

Ms Jack then married another Isis recruit, Adil de Montrichard from Trinidad and Tobago, and they moved to Syria in 2017.

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Shortly after she became pregnant with triplet but reportedly miscarried the first, before the second was stillborn and the third tragically only lived for three weeks.

Mr de Montrichard was in the garden with Ms Jack's ten-year-old son Isaaq six weeks later, when they both reportedly died in a coalition airstrike.

Speaking to BBC News, she said that "Anything else can put us on the verge of a breakdown and this is what I can't risk.#"

Ms Jack, who grew up Christian, reportedly converted to Islam after meeting Mr Ali during their time working at a Pizza Hut outlet in Hammersmith.

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The 34-year-old claims she will not let her children go to the UK without her because they would "not be in a stable situation".

Charleen Jack Henry, the children's grandmother who works as a nurse in London, says she wants to see Ms Jack return to "face the consequences" in the UK.

She adds that she wants the three girls to return to Britain as it's "not fair" on them to be "languishing in this place".

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