Brit hero veteran killed in Ukraine showed commando spirit right to very end

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Tributes have been paid to 'commando hero' Scott Sibley, 36, who became the first Briton to die in Ukraine after volunteering to fight Putin's soldiers.

A military man, Scott Sibley had served in Afghanistan with the elite Royal Marines’ Commando Logistics Support Squadron before volunteering for Ukraine's military shortly after the conflict began in February.

Tragically, the dad of two was killed while defending the city of Mykoliav after joining up with a squadron and heading to fortify the Donbas region.

Another British soldier was thought to be with Scott and is now missing in action however as of yet their identity is unknown.

In a statement the Foreign Office said: “We can confirm a British national has been killed in Ukraine and are supporting their family.

“We are aware of a British national who is missing in Ukraine and are supporting their family.

“We are urgently seeking further information.”

Scott's family from Immingham, Lincolnshire have now taken to social media to share memories of their fallen soldier.

Scott's sister Victoria, 34, said: " We are overwhelmed with everyone’s kind messages and beautiful memories that have been shared with us so far.”

Meanwhile, his father Mel, 59, shared a photo of his son's wedding day.

A family friend added: “It is very sad but he thought what he was doing was right.”

A hero on and off the battlefield, Scott rose to whatever occasion life threw at him, including a devastating cancer diagnosis for his young daughter Charlotte-Rose.

In 2018, she was diagnosed with an incredibly rare form of Neuroblastoma cancer and began to undergo treatment.

In order to reassure her that everything would be alright, Scott opted to shave his head to show her it was normal.

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Meanwhile, Scott's old unit, the Devon based Royal Marines’ Commando Logistics Support Squadron also paid tribute to him.

A spokesman said: “This week the Squadron has lost a former serving soldier. A man that showed Commando spirit until the end. RIP Scott Sibley.”

A photo of Mr Sibley shows him in uniform in Ukraine showed with both the Ukrainian and British flags attached.

Someone who claimed to know the fallen soldier through online gaming and streams has paid tribute to Scott and shared a link to

A fundraiser page was set up on Wednesday (April 27) in the Brit's name with the message: "Rest in peace Sibs we will never forget you."

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