Brit fighting for Ukraine claims morale is draining out of Russian soldiers

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A Brit with no military experience is defending Kyiv from Vladimir Putin's Russia with a machine gun he learnt how to use on YouTube.

Since heading out to join the war garage owner Adam Ennis says he has already escaped death after leaving a base near the Polish border days before it was destroyed by Russian bombs.

The 35-year-old from Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland, told the Daily Record that he has joined Ukraine's military in the capital city which is currently surrounded by Russian troops.

Adam admitted: “I don’t have much experience but I did look up a YouTube video on how to assemble and disassemble a Russian PKM machine gun, which helped me get ahead on that."

Kitted out in army uniform and touting a Russian PKM machine gun and a Czech made Skorpion machine pistol, Adam said: “I’m very aware that the city will soon be totally encircled but I am here until Putin is defeated.

“I know there is a serious chance that I will be killed but I made the decision to come as a matter of conscience.

“I came here to protect the innocent and to help them in a battle against evil.

"In my opinion if Putin was not met with strong resistance here then this could snowball into something much larger and has the potential to be the start of World War Three and could be a threat to us all.

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“Morale is good with both us international boys and the Ukrainian people. We are united and committed to the cause."

Adam added: "You can feel the morale draining out of Russian soldiers as they learn the reality of their invasion.

“That is the opposite of what is going on with Ukrainian soldiers, who are prepared to die for their country."

Adam’s extraordinary and terrifying mission was launched 13 days ago, when he boarded a £40 one way flight from Edinburgh to Krakow with just a gym bag on his shoulder.

Consulate staff there advised him that information on volunteer and mercenary forces was being distributed from Warsaw.

After travelling to the British Embassy there he was put in touch with the Ukrainian military, who directed him to a base at the Polish/Ukraine border.

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He them moved on to the base near Lviv that was bombed on Saturday (March 12) with massive loss of life.

Adam said that he was stationed with the newly formed Ukrainian Foreign Legion at the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre at Yavoriv, near Lviv, before being picked with 15 others for a separate platoon.

That unit, commanded by a special forces officer, was sent to Kyiv.

Men he had met and were among those who were killed on Saturday after the missile strikes in Yavoriv, Lviv Oblast.

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He said: “If I hadn’t been moved to Kyiv I would be dead and I believe some good men that I befriended were certainly killed.”

“I was given some training at the firing range near Lviv and after that the platoon leader picked out 15 men he liked the look of.

“There are four platoons of around 50 men each, making up a company of 200 or so, almost all experienced and well trained soldiers who are incredibly motivated to succeed.”

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