Brit banged up and beaten in hellhole Dubai jail for crime he didnt commit

A British grandad has been locked up in a Dubai prison for a crime that he claims he didn't commit.

Albert Douglas, 60, says he has been subjected to beatings which has left him battered and bruised because of a "fraudulent cheque", allegedly linked to his son's failed flooring company.

Despite having no role in the business, Albert was slapped with a fine of £2.5 million and was jailed for three years after losing an appeal.

The grandad, who is originally from London, was accused of writing the cheque despite forensic tests proving it wasn't his, reports The Sun Online.

At first, he was sentenced to two years in prison but has since been told he could be left to suffer in the hellhole known as Dubai Central Prison for another three years.

"During this time of incarnation, I've seen a man commit suicide and saw another one try to hang himself," Albert said in a voice recording sent to The Sun Online by human rights organisation Detained in Dubai.

"I've seen a gay man raped and seen the systematic abuse of African and Asian people based purely and simply because of the colour of their skin."

The grandad described the inhumane treatment younger inmates have received in their cells, which includes men in their 20s being hung upside down and beaten for "sport".

Guards at the prison have also been accused of burning off private parts of Albert's cellmate who is situated in the bunk beneath him.

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Inmates, including Albert, have allegedly been forced to drink from a communal toilet as part of the reported inhumane conditions at the prison.

Prisons in Dubai have been the centre of controversy for a number of years due to claims of severe abuse to its prisoners.

It has been reported that the courts can also make family members criminally liable for someone else's debts.

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Albert went on to say that he has been brutally beaten up by Dubai Police after asking for his heart medicine.

"For five months I've been deprived of my heart medicine and any medical treatment for my injuries," he said.

"My left shoulder is dislocated. I've had three bones broken in my right arm and I've got back injuries."

Albert has been in prison since February 16, but before that, he was living a life of luxury and was based at a villa on the emirate's Jumeirah Island.

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He has continued to fight for his freedom and has so far spent over £1 million in the courts to try and clear his name.

Albert said: "For all those businessmen that want to come over here and see towers and sparkling buildings be aware of what can happen to you. All that shines isn't gold – I assure you."

Lawyer Radha Stirling, of Detained in Dubai, is representing Albert and told The Sun: "Albert Douglas was beaten by prison guards, denied his heart medication and was forced to suffer inhumane conditions, including drinking from a toilet.

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"He has been interrogated, threatened and suffered attempts to force him to confess to a crime he has not committed.

"Albert has maintained that he is innocent throughout, refusing to submit to pressure while putting his life at risk."

The Daily Star have contacted The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and UAE Ministry for Foreign Affairs for comment.

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