Brexit warning: Joe Biden dashes hopes of US-UK trade deal ‘Unsympathetic to Britain’

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The Democrat nominee is the front-runner to win the US election next month and leading MPs, officials and experts believe the former vice-president will not be favourable towards Britain. During the presidential race, the 77-year-old has already spoke out against Boris Johnson’s plans for Northern Ireland and warned there would no trade deal if the Good Friday Agreement is compromised.

Mr Biden, who served as vice-President under Barack Obama between 2008-2016, previously admitted he would not have voted for Brexit if he had been British.

Former Brexit minister, David Jones, has claimed Mr Biden does not understand Brexit and would be “unsympathetic” towards the wishes of the British people.

The Tory MP said: “Recent pronouncements by Biden make clear he is unable or unwilling to understand the UK position on Brexit.

“His stance is unsympathetic to the UK’s people’s wish to recover their independence.”

Prior the historic EU referendum in 2016, the Obama-Biden administration issued a stern warning against Britain leaving the European Union.

On the prospect of a US trade deal if Britain voted to leave, President Obama famously said: “The UK is going to be in the back of the queue.”

John Longworth, of the Centre for Brexit Policy, highlighted those remarks and insisted President Trump is the best person for Britain to strike a Brexit deal with.

He said: “Biden was vice president in 2016 when Obama gave his ‘back of the queue’ trade message to Britain.

“The Trump administration made it clear that they want to do an extensive trade deal as quickly as possible.

“He is almost certainly the best candidate for post-Brexit Britain.”

Meanwhile, Colonia Richard Kemp, who worked with US forces on security, described Mr Trump as the “most pro-British Presidents in history”.

The retired British Army officer, who served from 1977 to 2006, insisted Mr Biden would side with the EU.

He added: “My concern is Biden would also try to maximise EU interests when negotiating with the UK.”

Last month, after the Prime Minister pressed ahead with plans for an Internal Market bill, which re-opens parts of the Brexit withdrawal agreement and threatens to break international law.

Mr Biden said: “We can’t allow the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a casualty of Brexit.

“Any trade deal between the US and UK must be contingent upon respect for the Agreement and preventing the return of a hard border. Period.”


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Speaking in October 2018, Mr Biden admitted that the UK’s decision to vote in favour of Brexit “diminished” Washington’s interests in the UK.

During a talk at Chatham House, he said: “Had I been a Member of Parliament, had I been a British citizen, I would have voted against leaving.

“From the US perspective, US interests are diminished with Great Britain not being an integral part of Europe and being able to bring influence.

“There’s growing awareness that Britain played a role in Europe the last 30 years that went well beyond the notion of open borders and trade, being able to influence attitudes.”

Last week International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss, said “good progress” had been made in trade talks with her US counterpart Robert Lighthizer and confirmed they would continue discussions until October 30 – four days before the US election.

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