Brexit Britain to join EU military mobility alliance

Iain Duncan Smith says Tories must deliver on promise of Brexit

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The Dutch defence minister Kajsa Ollongren has told The Times that the UK is set to join the EU “military mobility” alliance despite Brexit in order to efficiently send military aid across Europe. The EU “military mobility” alliance was created to make cross-border military transport and personnel procedures quicker and more efficient.

Kajsa Ollongren visited the UK to observe troops from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands and the trained Ukrainian forces.

The minister told the newspaper that Brussels is hoping to have the plans finalised next month.

With the war in Ukraine, this system is desperately needed and allows the benefits to speak for themselves.

The members of the group are able to bypass red tape to cross borders whether by land, sea, or air, and do not need the same approvals from various authorities.

The alliance is also hoping to deter nations from declaring war against other European countries by implementing an easy way of mobilising military personnel and equipment.

It is hoped by the group that they can implement Cold War-style corridors over the Continent to transport military aid.

Each member will have to make changes to their infrastructure and create pre-planned routes for large equipment to be safely transported.

With the ever-increasing tensions caused by Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine and threats of a more wide-spread attack, Europe is in need of such a system for rapid military response.

Ms Ollongren said that the plans for the UK to join the group are “very much related to the war in Ukraine” and that The Netherlands is organising the initiative.

She said: “It is a sensitive issue since Brexit. Britain was out because of Brexit but since Brexit did not change the geography, it’s very important to get you back in.

“I’m really happy that the UK will join because we are seeing right now how important the UK is.

“It is an important partner when it comes to military co-operation [in] aiding Ukraine.”

The Dutch defence minister previously discussed the plans with her British counterpart Ben Wallace.

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She said: “Military mobility is perhaps not a very sexy issue but it’s very important.

“While there is a war, you must know the procedures to get the things you need and the people you need from one place to another.

“When you are in a war situation you have to make sure everything is in place and everybody knows what they have to do.”

Aside from EU member states, the group has also been joined by the United States, Canada, and Norway.

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