Brexit Britain has to step up! UK called to act on world stage as Biden unable to lead

Nile Gardiner calls on UK to step up after Joe Biden debacle

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The Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Centre Director Nile Gardiner has called on Brexit Britain to step up on the world stage as US President Joe Biden is “unable to lead.” Mr Gardiner has slammed a lack of leadership from the United States, which he declared was faced with “three and a half further years of sharp American decline.” The think tank went on to declare that Mr Biden was being led by a left-wing agenda that was “extremely dangerous for the entire free world.”

Mr Gardiner told Sky News Australia: “We are going to be looking a three and a half further years of sharp American decline.

“And I also think this is the moment when Brexit Britain has to step up to the plate and asset stronger leadership on the world stage.

“Because it won’t be coming from Joe Biden.

“I mean Joe Biden is an absolutely weak-kneed figure who simply cannot lead the free world.”

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He added: “I think Britain in the Brexit era can be a resurgent world power.

“But it has got to have the vision and the confidence to do so.

“It is got to have the right economic policies as well to do.

“And Britain has to reject any kind of big government-style socialist thinking and instead support free-market policies.

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“Aso support a big increase in defense spending which is necessary.

“And I do believe that the US-UK special relationship will recover.

“But it is going to take some time,” continued the Margaret Thatcher Centre Director.

“And it is only going to happen when the awful Biden presidency has left office.”

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“This is the most left-wing Presidency in US history here,” he added.

“Joe Biden is willingly going off on a terrible far-left agenda.

“And that is extremely dangerous for the United States.

“Extremely dangerous for the entire free world as well.”

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