Brawl erupts and car mows down pedestrian on pavement outside petrol station

A mass brawl has erupted outside a petrol station on Sunday evening amid reports a man had been hit by a car.

A group of people gathered in Stoke-on-Trent has gone viral with scenes of violence and an apparent hit and run.

Footage shared on Instagram shows two clips, while it is unclear in which order the two scenes were filmed, featuring a number of men and women confronting each other, throwing objects, and shouting abuse.

Video from a petrol station in Macintyre Street shows a stopped car with all its doors open as a number of men set upon each other while two women appear to try to intervene.

One man is bashing another over the head with a plastic crate pallet, while one of the women eventually grabs either a pole or a plank of wood and attacks one of the men.

Amid the melee, a red bucket is seen being used as a weapon and being thrown at the car.

While another man lying on the ground away from the brawl is helped to his feet, seemingly after being struck down.

Further footage shows men and women storming down the street – with one of the women holding the red bucket in her hand.

Events take a turn for the worst when, amid screams, panic, and shaking footage, a white car mounts the pavement and drives straight into a man dressed in black.

The footage shows the man being thrown in to the air before the car speeds off.

Following much screaming and further panic, two other cars seem to take chase off the white car.

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StokeonTrentLive reports nine police cars and an ambulance were called to the scene at approximately 6.30pm on Sunday following the brawl.

The also report “at least one person has been seriously injured”.

An eyewitness told the publication: "There are at least nine police cars and an ambulance. A car has also been smashed up."

Daily Star online have approached Staffordshire Police for comment.

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