Boy killed in black magic ritual with cousin told to enact sacrifice

A black magic practitioner and two others have been arrested after the body of a 10-year-old boy from India was found with his throat cut. Vivek Verma, who was found last Thursday in a field outside Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh, is thought to be a victim of the latest “occult killing”.

Alongside the black magic practitioner, the victim’s uncle Chintaram and cousin Anoop were detained by police, according to Superintendent Prashant Verma.

It is believed by police that Anoop, who has a chronically ill two-and-a-half-year-old son, went to the occultist to help his son after conventional medical treatment failed.

The occultist allegedly suggested Anoop and Chintaram sacrifice another young boy to heal the ill child.

Chintaram used a shovel to murder his nephew, police have alleged.

Occult killings are rare but are a real threat to people in India.

In December, The Times of India reported that several schoolgirls near Kolhapur City missed school for several weeks over fears of black magic in the area.

Photographs of the girls were spotted in a basket with pins and needles stuck in them. 

The baskets, containing lemons, eggs, bananas, coconut and green cloth, were placed on the girls’ routes to school — adjacent to the village crematorium.

One of the students told the publication: “This became a hot topic of discussion in my school and caused me and my family a lot of mental trauma. A similar thing happened to one of my friends. Since then, both of us have avoided going to school.”

Between 2014 and 2021, over 100 ritualistic sacrifices have been recorded by India’s National Crime Records Bureau.

The level of incidents peaked at 24 cases in 2015.

In August, a woman from a village in Uttar Pradesh allegedly killed her baby nephew.

She believed killing her 18-month-old toddler would prevent her child from dying after birth.

The baby’s body parts were scattered around a sugarcane field and were discovered by police two days after the little child went missing.

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