Boy hospitalised as false widow bite had him hallucinating Pixar characters

An eight-year-old was hospitalised after a false widow spider bit him on the bum and left him hallucinating and vomiting – 15 years after his mum was also bitten by one in the same place.

Bear Styles pulled on his swimming trunks that had been left out to dry and got the shock of his life when a 50p-sized spider sank its fangs into his right bum cheek, Wales Online reports.

His father, Vinny Styles, shook out the lad's swim shorts and saw the eight-legged terror with 'large fangs' fall on the floor and scurry away, but not before mum Dawn Styles managed to grab a snap of it.

Apart from two tiny puncture wounds, Bear felt fine enough to jump into the pool – but 40 minutes later he was extremely pale, felt sick and his temperature had sky-rocketed to 39.2 degrees.

After monitoring him closely, the luckily first aid-trained couple called 111 where an operator advised they take him to hospital.

During the car journey to Peterborough City Hospital, the boy reportedly started hallucinating, saying he could see Disney Pixar characters hanging from the passing trees.

Whilst at the hospital, worried staff monitored Bear's condition and carried out a series of tests, concluding that he was reacting to a noble false widow spider.

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In a truly weird coincidence, the scary eight-legged creature that bit the lad on the bum had done the same to his 4-year-old mum 15 years prior.

A week on from his ordeal, Dawn is sharing Bear's story in the hope people are vigilant and shake clothing left outside.

When Bear got out of the pool an hour after the bite he was extremely pale, complained he felt sick, hot and cold and his heart started racing.

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Dawn, from March, Cambridgeshire, said: "After he got out of the pool he went really white, his lips were pale and he said he felt sick.

"I sat with him on the sofa and he felt steaming hot but his hands and feet were really cold. We took his temperature and it was 39.2 degrees, he had chills and was shaking.

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"It's a 35-minute journey to the hospital, and as I was driving him there he started hallucinating. He really likes Disney Pixar Cars and he was saying 'I can see Mater in the trees'.

The pair arrived at hospital at 11pm where Bear started vomiting, he became drowsy, started suffering a thumping headache and his temperature remained high.

Dawn said: "I showed the doctor the photo of the spider and he consulted someone from the poisons department.

"They were shocked his reaction was caused by a spider bite."

Bear stayed in hospital overnight and was closely monitored before being discharged at 3.30pm the following day.

"He's pretty much back to normal now. Every day he was a little bit brighter, the main thing was the tiredness – he was just wiped out."

Dawn is now urging families to be vigilant and thoroughly check any clothing left outside.

Dawn said: "It's made us all really think a bit more carefully [about checking clothing]. We inspect everything, even if it's been hanging on the line."

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