Boy, 8, gobsmacked after finding four-inch Frazzle after school

An eight-year-old boy was left gobsmacked after finding a four-inch Frazzle – which could be a record breaker.

Ollie Skinner-Foster pulled the giant bacon-flavoured crisp out of a bag for his after-school snack.

Mum Laura-Jane Skinner, 37, said: “We bought a multipack and it was in that. He came home from school and he always has a treat.

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“He opened the packet and was shouting, ‘Oh my god I’ve found the largest Frazzle.’

“He was so excited. He was showing everyone. I thought it was two or three crisps stuck together but it’s the width of the packet.

“He was gobsmacked just as much as we were.

Ollie’s parents think it could be a record-breaker after finding no account of anything larger.

Mum-of-five Laura-Jane, from Northampton, added: “It must be up there with one of the biggest. It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen.”

While this food discovery had positive implications, that wasn't the same story for one couple who had the shock of their life as they were about to make dinner.

Katherine Bacon, 32, screamed as she went to open a bag of spinach that had a lizard camped out in it for nine days.

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Her husband James, 36, rushed to her aid after hearing her scream and despite thinking the animal was initially dead, to his surprise, the reptile began moving.

“It woke up and started walking around the bag," he said. "We were wondering what we were going to do.

“Our main priority was to make sure the lizard was OK.”

The lizard has since been transported to a branch of the RSPCA in Brighton where he'll have to quarantine for 30 days.


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