Boy, 7, killed by one of most toxic scorpions after suffering 7 heart attacks

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    A young boy tragically lost his life after a scorpion's venomous sting caused him to suffer seven heart attacks.

    Luiz Miguel Furtado Barbosa, from Sao Paulo state, Brazil, was getting ready for a camping trip with his family on October 23 and was putting his shoes on when the creepy crawly struck him.

    His mum, Angelita Proenca Furtado, 44, told local media: "As soon as he put it on, he screamed in pain.

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    "As we didn't find what had stung him, we kept looking.

    "But his leg started to turn red and he said that the pain was increasing.

    "That's when I imagined that it really was a scorpion and that I needed to find out which one it was."

    The family then found the culprit causing Luiz to scream in pain and discovered it was a Brazilian yellow scorpion, also known as a Tityus Serrulatus – deemed the most dangerous scorpion in South America due to its extremely toxic venom and high fatality rate.

    Luiz was rushed to the University of Sao Paulo Faculty of Medicine Clinics Hospital where he was immediately taken to the paediatric ward.

    The youngster stayed at the hospital overnight and sparked hope when his condition began to improve the next day.

    Angelita even said he was taken off some of the initial treatments he was given.

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    "He opened his eyes, tried to talk to me," she recalled. "I kissed him and he had to be sedated again, because he was very agitated."

    However, his illness took a turn for the worse after he suffered the seven heart attacks and tragically died on October 25.

    Following his death, Angelita remembered how excited Luiz was to go on the trip the family had planned as he loved being by the water.

    "He, as usual, was very anxious," she said. "He seemed to want to live everything he had to live in a single day.

    "Today, I realise that it's as if he was really in a hurry to live."

    Officials from the municipality of Anhembi, where the family lives, offered their support to Luiz's family via their Facebook page.

    The City Hall of Anhembi said they have recorded a whopping 54 incidents involving scorpions since 2022 began, adding that the incidents are not uncommon as the area provides the perfect climate for the deadly creatures to survive.

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    They added: "Accidents involving scorpions are not rare because the municipality is located on the banks of the Tiete River and has a large forest area."

    Mortality rates from the Brazilian yellow scorpion are estimated to be around 1-2% among children and elderly people in Brazil, making it the most lethal scorpion in Brazil.

    Attacks reportedly tend to occur in urban areas, especially inside or near human homes.


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