Bow tie teacher branded student, 13, a wh*** in disgusting Whatsapp messages

A school has sacked a teacher after he called one of his students, aged just 13, a "wh***" in a series of WhatsApp messages.

Anton Ovchenkov, 27, a physics teacher working at Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Russia, is said to have sent a series of disgusting text messages to a student.

The parents of the student have since turned to school administrators, but claims she was levelled with accusations that the student had been provoking the teacher.

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The 27-year-old is said to have been messaging two youngsters, one whose mother, Daria, says were in no relation to work from the school, with Ovchenkov calling her daughter a "wh***".

One disturbing message from the 27-year-old teacher to the 13-year-old student reads: "Now I understand why everyone calls you a wh***."

Several children at the school are said to have complained to staff at the school about the chilling messages, and since then, Daria has met with school officials.

Those same officials, Daria claims, had told her that while her daughter's teacher had "acted like a fool" it was "the children themselves" that "provoked him".

Ovchenkov has since defended his text messages to the student, claiming that he wants the children to "love him".

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He said: "This is the kind of communication we have, this is how we joke. I really want my children to love me."

Following the slate of text messages, it would appear that not only was the 27-year-old sacked, according to e1 reports, but the two students who received his messages have since been bullied for their complaints.

Daria said: "There is a lot of pressure at the school, [other students] call them, excuse me, prostitutes, they say they had a conspiracy to get rid of the physicist.

"They dragged my daughter to a psychologist, they put pressure on her in every possible way: tell me what a bad family you have, slander your parents. The pressure began on her friends, why do you support her and so on."

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