Bob the Builder fan who whistled tune at neighbour branded a racist

A man has been given a police record for "racial hatred" after whistling the theme tune to Bob The Builder at his neighbour.

The incident occurred in Bedfordshire and will remain on the man’s record for six years.

If a potential employer asks for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, the non-crime hate incident could show up.

The Bob The Builder theme tune – originally sung by actor Neil Morrissey – reached number one in the UK charts in 2000.

This bizarre "crime" is one of many revealed after a probe into the controversial practice of listing "hate incidents" that are not illegal.

Since 2014, it is compulsory for police forces to record all "hate" incidents under the Hate Crime Operational Guidelines even if there is no evidence of hatred.

Last year, there were 10,840 non-crime hate incidents were recorded making a total of 120,000 in the last five years.

Freedom of Information requests were sent to 43 police forces in England and Wales but none of the forces could point to one crime that had been resolved as a result of the "hate" recordings.

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Apart from the bizarre Bob the Builder incident, others included a homosexual who said a drug dealer had ripped him off because he was gay and a Portuguese man in Norfolk who said some unknown person had deliberately left a bun on his driveway.

Many have demanded the system be scrapped saying a record on the police database could wreck someone’s life even though they have not committed a crime.

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Harry Miller, a former policeman from Humberside who was himself investigated by cops over a poem that he posted on Twitter, and is now with the pressure group Fair Cop, said: "The police have completely lost the plot.

"How the hell can whistling Bob The Builder at someone land you with a criminal record?"

Rupert Matthews, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland, said: "The police have got more than enough to do and if it is not a crime then we cannot be putting resources into it.

"The public is right to ask why are police investigating things that are not crimes."

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