Bloke tells how killer ex-lover tried to hire a hitman to kill him for insurance

A man learned he was being targeted by a hitman after his girlfriend was arrested for ordering the death of another man.

Kelvin Amos was in a relationship with Thelma Yvonne Purchase, who would go on to murder housebound maths tutor Gregory Baker in Alton, Hampshire.

As a result of the police investigation into 61-year-old Mr Baker's death, Kelvin learned that Purchase – who he knew as Yvonne – had wanted him dead too.

Mr Amos was only alive because Purchase was still trying to recruit a contract killer to murder him in order to cash in a life insurance policy.

Speaking on 5Star documentary My Lover My Killer, Kelvin told how he met Purchase through their children and a relationship started.

"Everybody got on, it seemed like the right thing to do. It just seemed normal."

But not long after they got together, reports Stoke Live, Purchase became a carer for Mr Baker at his home in Alton.

Kelvin told the documentary: "I just thought she was his carer. She would go over and he was teaching extra lessons. I just thought he was a good friend of hers. That's all I thought it was."

The couple's relationship hit a rocky patch when Purchase's teenage son Lance Rudge started using drugs and he was expelled from school.

The relationship continued to deteriorate to the point where she falsely accused Kelvin of abuse.

He told the documentary: "I think I got arrested a couple of times. It was just over things what she'd said.

"There was no truth in it. It was a horrible time. I was feeling like I was losing the house.

"If I hadn't have got my son with me I would have been out and she would have got the house."

Having failed to make any cash from Kelvin, Purchase switched her attention to the other man in her life.

The 44-year-old persuaded her son Lance, 19, and his friend Shane Edge, 19, to kill Mr Baker so she could inherit the £60,000 she had been promised in his will.

This time she went through with her twisted plan and Mr Baker, who died of asphyxiation, was found dead at his home in Gallows Green, Alton, in June 2007.

Purchase, from Stoke-On-Trent, was handed a minimum 30-year jail term after a jury found her guilty of murder.

At the same time, she was handed a concurrent sentence for a count of soliciting a woman for the murder of Kelvin between January 2003 and December 2004.

Kelvin was told about the contract killing just a few weeks before the murder case came to court.

Fighting back tears, Kelvin said: "I had two police officers knocking on my door. They were asking, 'Do I own a black car?'. At the time I did.

"That was when they said they were trying to get someone to knock me off, or something. So yeah that was a bit of a shock."

DCI Ken Raper, senior investigating officer with Staffordshire Police, told the documentary that a well-known criminal had tipped them off about Purchase wanting to kill Kelvin.

He said: "There was one particular individual we knew quite well. She was a well-known criminal. She came forward and provided us with some evidence in relation to her offering to pay people to kill her former boyfriend.

"The issue was around insurance. If he died she would benefit from the life insurance."

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