Bloke tackled after shouting slur at Andrew during Queens coffin procession

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Fuming members of the public tackled a protestor to the ground after they shouted at Prince Andrew during the Queens' coffin procession.

The crowd had fallen silent as King Charles, Princess Anne, Andrew and Prince Edward followed their mum's hearse up the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

A young man is said to have then started shouting and running towards the barrier.

According to The Independent, a man could be heard on BBC footage shouting "Andrew" before the rest of the heckle was drowned out by crowd noise and the commentary.

He continued to shout comments at the Duke of York even after being hauled to the floor, according to the Daily Record.

The crowd began chanting God Save The King to drown out the heckles.

A police officer who had been standing nearby joined members of the public in detaining the man as the procession continued past, before moving him away from the area.

Andrew looked in the direction of the heckler but showed no emotion as he continued to walk up the road.

Police confirmed that he has been arrested.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “A 22-year old man was arrested in connection with a breach of the peace on the Royal Mile around 2.50pm on Monday, 12 September 2022.”

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What is alleged to be a video of the incident has been shared on social media.

In it, two men can be seen hauling a man back away from the barrier where the procession is passing slowly.

A police officer helps the man off the ground before he is led away. He is heard shouting: “Disgusting!”

It came as the Queen's coffin was making its way from Holyroodhouse to St Giles' Cathedral, where she will lay at rest before being taken to London tomorrow (August 13).

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