Bloke pretended to be doctor on dating sites to wed and dupe women out of £23k

A man who allegedly married and swindled at least 18 women over a period of four years has been arrested weeks before his next two weddings.

Bibhu Prakash Swain reportedly pretended to be a doctor to capture the attention of career-driven women on marriage websites before getting hitched to professionals across ten states in India, police said.

The 67-year-old has been accused of charming his way into the hearts of professors, lawyers, medics, and even a paramilitary officer and conning them after gaining their trust.

He also claimed to work for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and used several fake ID's and appointment letters to back his web of lies, it's been reported.

“His only intention was to grab their money and also have conjugal relations with them," Sanjeev Satpathy, the assistant commissioner of police at Odisha Police told Vice World News.

"He was always very persuasive and only targeted successful single, widowed or divorced women in their late 40s."

The commissioner has been tracking the alleged fraudster for eight months and said some women were conned out of as much as $30,780 (£23,058.38).

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Investigators have so far contacted more than 100 women who were speaking to him across different matrimonial sites.

Sanjana, who has used a false name so she cannot be identified, said she married him before moving to the eastern Indian city of Bhubaneswar with him in 2018.

She said she soon unravelled his deceit after she was tipped off by a domestic helper who told her he was already married and later found documents that revealed his other wives.

Sanjana said she also discovered a mobile phone where other women were saved with a number such as "Wife 1" or "Wife 2."

She decided to alert some of the other wives and collect the files after she fled their home. Sanjana filed a police report in May last year, which was followed by another victim report.

Police said it was difficult to track him down but they eventually arrested him on February 14.

“We have three women coming today to give their testimonies, and I hope with the support we are giving the women, they continue to come forward.”

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