Bloke ordered to demolish Travelodge in housing estate after neighbours hell

A British bloke has lost a three-year battle with his neighbours over the “monster mansion” he built without permission.

Gurwinder Singh tore down his semi-detached house and built a four-bedroom “mansion” in its wake.

His neighbours in Willenhall, West Midlands, described the property as “like a Travelodge in the middle of a housing estate”.

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Claiming the building made their lives hell, others described the newbuild as an “eyesore” and a “monstrosity”.

Singh had planning permission for a modest extension to the 1960s house in 2020 but he went one step further and demolished the entire building.

Then, last year, Singh was slapped with an enforcement notice from Walsall Council, which ordered him to bulldoze the building – believed to have cost around £200,000 to build.

Singh appealed the order, but the local authority backed the Planning Inspectorate’s original notice.

Neighbours say they hope the row can finally be resolved after three years of trying to get the house on the corner of Sandringham Avenue and Arundel Road torn down.

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One neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "We'll believe it when we see it as this has been going on for far too long.

"It sticks out like a sore thumb, I'm not sure how they thought they would ever get away with doing this.

"I saw it described as like having a Travelodge in the middle of a housing estate, and I think that sums it up. It's just so out of place and a real eyesore.

"We've all rallied together to object to this, so hopefully this is now the end of the saga and that monstrosity can be pulled down for good."

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Another previously said: "I think it's right that he should tear it down.

"Why should anyone get away with breaking the rules? The house is bloody huge and looks like a horrible monster mansion.

"None of the other houses in this area are that big, what on earth was he thinking?"

A third added: "When the house started going up I heard the next-door neighbour whose house is attached could actually see the cracks coming through their walls.

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"I'm glad the council have nipped it in the bud now before it's finished. It was at least three times the size of the original house. It looks like a sports hall."

A Walsall Council spokesman said: "We can confirm that the Planning Inspector's appeal decision dated July 7, 2023, has been received by the local planning authority.

"The Inspector has upheld the council's enforcement notice (with some changes made including compliance period)."

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