Bloke fumes over parking ticket for yellow line – that isnt even yellow

A driver is prepared to go to court after he was given a ticket for parking on a single yellow line that isn't yellow at all, and is barely even visible.

Scott, who wishes to be known by his first name only, was visiting Edinburgh, Scotland when he parked his Volkswagen to go for a walk in Inverleith Park on June 6.

Afterwards, the 34-year-old was puzzled when he found a Penalty Charge Notice stuck under the wiper blade, stating that he must pay £60 for parking on a single yellow.

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Scott said he noticed a short stretch of road between some double yellows and a set of 'Pay and Display' bays and decided to park there.

"Along this stretch were the remains of a very worn-out line. The parts of the line that were still there were white, and I'm sure anyone else who looks at them would agree: not even slightly yellow," he told Edinburgh Live.

Confident to have been parked in a "perfectly legal" way, Scott took to the City of Edinburgh Council's portal to open a dispute against the £60 parking fine he got, explaining that there was no marking on the road and no way to tell if the 'Pay and Display' rule applied to it.

The council replied stating Scott had parked on a single yellow line.

Scott said: "I couldn't believe what I was reading. They had sent me pictures taken by a parking warden of my car, claiming that the reason I was ticketed was that I had 'parked on a single yellow line'. Astoundingly, their own photographic evidence attached to the response shows my car parked on a white line."

The stunned bloke did research of his own and found that the spot he was parked on once had a double yellow line on it – not a single yellow as the council claims and not a white line as it seems to have now.

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Scott said: "Even the parking warden and those responsible for handling ticket challenges can't tell what kind of line it was supposed to be. So how was I to?

"The council are responsible for ensuring that these markings remain clear. Drivers cannot be expected to know what colour a line used to be, only what colour it is now – and at the time of parking, what was left of that line was white.

Scott has not yet paid the fine – and is not intending to – prepared to challenge the ticket further and take it to court if necessary.

Commenting on the incident, a City of Edinburgh Council spokesperson said that anyone who does not agree with the outcome of their parking ticket challenge to the Council can appeal the decision via the independent Parking and Bus Lane Tribunal for Scotland service.


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