Bloke comes back from holiday to find house stripped and fathers ashes missing

A bloke returning home from his holidays found that his house had been accidentally stripped and gutted, and his father's ashes are now missing.

Warren Dodds, 29, was left with "devastating" consequences of a council blunder that had ended up stripping the wrong home not just of its furniture, but floors and walls.

Contractors setting out to empty a home in the block of flats got the address wrong and removed Dodds' dads ashes, watch, his jewellery and family photographs.

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Dodds, a trained barber, was left "gutted" by the situation that has stripped him of his father's earthly possessions in a horrible mistake that left his home ruined.

The 29-year-old said: "It's devastating, I'm so gutted. All the pictures and memories of my dad are gone and I'll never get them back. It's all been destroyed."

Dodds is said to have called up local churches in the hopes that his fathers ashes had been handed in, but to no avail.

Mum Jacqui Dodds added: "Is it right that part of our loved one is now lying at the bottom of a skip? Is that OK? I can't tell you the stress it's caused Warren losing his father's ashes and possessions.

"I've seen him drive around local churches to ask about the ashes. It's heart-breaking and unbelievable what's happened. I don't think they realise the impact of what they've done."

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Instructions to clear out a vacant flat on another floor led to the accidental emptying of Dodds' home, which he had lived in for just 12 months.

All of Dodds' belongings were thrown into a skip, with the 29-year-old saying that all he had left were "the clothes on my back" BBC reported.

A spokesman for Bernicia Homes said: "We investigated and determined that whilst accurate information had been given to Orbis Protect about the property they had been asked to clear, they had accessed and cleared the wrong flat.

Orbis Protect, the contractor responsible for clearing the home, said they were unable to comment due to "an ongoing legal case".

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