Blistering sunshine in 29C heatwave but temps will come to screeching halt

The Indian summer that many had prayed for appears to be here with three more days of blistering temperatures as the heatwave continues.

Although the hot weather will be mainly focused on the south of England, across the UK it will be noticeably warmer.

On Monday the mercury is expected to hit 27C in London and in Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Across England though temperatures should rise to 24C wherever you are with some coastal towns preparing for a bumper day with heat hitting 26C.

On Tuesday and Wednesday it is set to get even more hotter with beaches and parks guaranteed to be packed with sun-worshippers.

Temperatures will rise to 28C in London, parts of central England and even some parts of northern England as the heatwave continues to make its presence known.

And Wednesday may see temperatures creep up to 30C with blistering sunshine in the high 20s throughout the country, but by Thursday things will become noticeably cooler.

Annie Shuttleworth, a Met Office forecaster said: "We are expecting temperatures to rise at the beginning of the new week.

"Despite a cloudy start to Monday, conditions will be clear and bright with hot temperatures for large parts of England and eastern Wales as the result of continental air moving in from the south.

"This air will start to push through the country on Tuesday and Wednesday, dragging temperatures as high as 29C (84.2F) for parts of the south-east while Scotland and Northern Ireland will also move into the mid-twenties."

However the weather boffin did reveal one downside with the higher temperatures possibly making it more difficult for people to get some sleep.

"It's going to be very warm for the time of year and could even be rather uncomfortable for people trying to sleep at night, with temperatures remaining at around 18C during the evening," she added.

Bizarrely though the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for Monday morning but not because of the heat.

Until 9am the Met Office are warning the south west of England and south Wales about fog causing problems for driving.

"Dense fog patches across southwestern parts of the UK leading to slower journey times early on Monday morning," it was confirmed.

Leading bookmaker Coral now makes it odds-on at 1-2 for this month to end as a record hot September in the UK.

"It looks as though we are going to get one last blast of summer. With a heatwave set to hit the nation, we now make it odds-on that this month ends as a record hot September" said Coral's John Hill.

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