Birthmark on best friend’s baby helps woman learn her husband is the dad

A heartbroken woman claims she was unknowingly helped deliver her husband and best friend's baby.

Hailey Cluster*, 28, was left in bits when she discovered her husband of six years, Connor, 36, had allegedly cheated on her with her best mate.

Cluster was reportedly extremely excited to help deliver her best friend's baby – before she knew she would actually be bringing her husband's child into the world.

The woman, from Arizona, noticed a rare hereditary birthmark on the newborn baby's neck that was reportedly identical to the cheating man’s.

Heartbroken Cluster claimed her now ex-husband had cheated with at least 30 women during their six years of marriage and had fathered two kids with two people.

Mum-of-four Hailey, from Arizona, said: "I heard rumours that my friend was pregnant and homeless, so I reached out to her. I felt the need to help her.

"We are all charismatic people, so we all had that nature to be charismatic around each other and make jokes.

"I didn’t see anything there. I was very naïve so I just didn’t think it would be possible for someone to do that.

"We had just got home from the hospital and I was changing the baby and when she turned her neck the birth defect popped out. When they’re babies it is really hard to see, and I wasn’t looking for it.

"I felt it and was like ‘OK’, this shock came over me.

"When I found out my friend was standing next to me, I looked at her and you could just tell. She couldn’t say anything, she just dropped her head and looked to the floor, and I just knew."

Despite the upsetting ordeal, Hailey has reportedly found a way to forgive her friend and plans to continue their friendship.

She will also carry on a civil relationship with her ex-husband for the sake of her children.

She added: "For me, I was in a state of shock for a little bit. I walked outside when I first found out and just prayed.

"I kept hearing the words over and over in my head, ‘bigger picture’. For me that meant, stop with your tunnel vision.

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"Now we have this innocent child who had no say in this whole situation, you have someone who doesn’t have anywhere to go, who has no family, we’re not going to kick them to the streets.

"I kept thinking of my kids, at the end of the day that is their blood sibling and I’m not going to be the one who causes harm to that child.

"So, she ended up staying with us."

Hailey told her story on TikTok where she gained over 3.4million views on the original video.

*The names in this story have been changed.

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