BBC Weather: Temperatures plummet as UK sunshine dragged away by gloomy weather front

BBC Weather: Unsettled conditions to hit parts of UK

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Weather fronts approaching from the north and south of the UK will bring in rain across the nation as temperatures plummet for the week ahead.

Meteorologist Susan Powell detailed a weekend with “plenty of sunshine” to be shattered by significant rainfall across the majority of the UK.

Grey, wet weather starting in Scotland will spread further south over the weekend before two large approaching weather fronts bring showers across the entire nation.

Speaking for the BBC, Ms Powell said the weekend would bring: “Certainly plenty of sunshine across southern and eastern reaches of the UK.”

The meteorologist explained a decline in the weather will begin in northern parts of the UK and spread steadily southwards before rainfall peaks on Monday.

Ms Powell continued: “Cloud will start to bring rain into western Scotland, across Glasgow.

“Never an especially heavy rain but certainly greyer skies and a damp feeling to proceedings. 

“We’ll see the same weather system pushing some rain into Northern Ireland for a time as well.”

As the sunshine begins to fade across the nation, Ms Powell suggested the temperature could fall back “to just 14 or 15 degrees” as cloud cover and showers continue to spread.

As the weather moved to Monday, she predicted: “An area of low pressure to the south, one to the north, bits and pieces of weather front pushing their way across the UK.

“It’s going to be quite hard to put exact timing on the rain on Monday. 

“Certainly we’re looking at rain in the forecast for the majority of the UK.”

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Ms Powell explained it was unlikely any area of the UK would escape the shift towards stormier weather.

“Best chance of staying dry, probably in East Anglia and the South, but by no means a guaranteed dry day.”

The meteorologist confirmed the cloud dragged across the nation by the approaching weather fronts would certainly snatch the sunshine and high temperatures the UK has been enjoying.

She said: “Because of the cloud and the rain, it is looking cooler as we move into the beginning of the new week.”

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Ms Powell continued: “We never really, in the first few days of the new week, quite recover the warmth that we’ll see through this weekend.

“It stays quite unsettled Monday through to Wednesday with a chance of showers for most of us.”

Despite the experience of a relatively warm previous week, the meteorologist darkened hopes of the sunshine continuing into later May.

Brits were urged to enjoy the “relatively fine start” to the weather over the weekend before conditions take a dismal turn for the week ahead.

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